Our Menu

Our full menu is available Wednesday through Sunday. We do accept dinner reservations, although not required, we highly recommend them. Kitchen closes 30 minutes before winery close time.
In addition to wine, we also carry three local Craft beers on tap.
Ask your server about our new Gluten Free Menu! GF- below designates gluten free option available.

Buffalo Chicken Dip / 8
Zesty, creamy buffalo chicken dip in a Romano parsley bread bowl served with tortilla chips

Bruschetta  / 8
Freshly diced tomatoes and herbs served on toasted ciabatta bread and covered in shredded parmesan cheese GF

Bacon & Blue Chips / 8
A basket of warm kettle chips topped with blue cheese, bacon & balsamic glaze

Cured Meat & Cheese Plate / 14
Wedges of asiago, smoked gouda and brie, served with sliced kielbasa, salami, Castellano olives, peppadew peppers, Kalamata olives and a baguette and crackers

Brie & Pear / 11
Warm brie and sliced pears covered in either a caramel glaze or a blackberry & lemon glaze, walnut & lemon glaze.  Served with a French baguette GF

Deluxe Cheese Plate / 10
Wedges of baby Swiss, Colby Jack and Aged white Cheddar, served with walnuts, dried cranberries and seasonal jam, a baguette and crackers GF

Artichoke & Asiago Dip / 8
Hot, creamy artichoke and asiago dip served in a Romano-Swiss parsley bread bowl with tortilla chips GF

Tipsy Grape Olive Oil Tasting Tray / 8
Enjoy a sample tray of olive oils & vinegars which include: Italian Herb, Roasted Garlic, Rosemary, Sundried Tomato Parmesan Garlic, Garlic Cilantro Balsamic, Traditional Balsamic & 12 Year White Balsamic. Served with a toasted bagutte

Tipsy Tapa Trio / 8
A trio of hummus, roasted red pepper hummus & a homemade Olive tapenade served with garlic multigrain flatbread crackers and pita chips GF

Warm Pretzel Sticks / 8
Four large soft pretzel sticks served with warm cheddar cheese, port cheese, & a honey mustard

All sandwiches served with vineyard slaw, chips, and a pickle.
Choose your cheese: American, Swiss or Provolone.

The Tipsy Bull Burger / 8.95
Big, juicy, tender burger, cooked medium well, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion GF

Chicken Pesto/ 8.95
Grilled chicken breast topped with pesto sauce and served with roasted red peppers GF

Blackened Bourbon Chicken / 8.95
Grilled chicken breast topped with a blackened bourbon sauce

The Veggie Burger / 8.95
A grilled veggie burger with roasted red peppers

Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich / 8.50
Tender and juicy pulled pork smothered in a tangy BBQ sauce

Crab Cake Sandwich / 10.95
A grilled blue lump crab cake served with homemade ramoulade sauce

Slovenian Sausage Sandwich / 7.95
A homemade smoked sausage served with fresh sauerkraut
Sourced from Trumball Locker, Rock Creek, OH GF

Buffalo Chicken Wrap / 8.95
Tangy buffalo chicken served in a tomato basil wrap with lettuce, tomato and ranch sauce

Club Wrap / 8.95
Layered slices of ham and turkey with bacon and ranch dressing in a tomato, basil wrap with lettuce and tomato

Turkey Burger /8.95
A juicy turkey burger toppped with bacon & guacamole GF

Vineyard Garlic Brat Sandwich / 7.95
A hearty, grilled bratwurst with coleslaw on the bottom & sauerkraut on the top.
Sourced from New Creations Farm in Chardon

Italian Veggie Lovers / 14
Loaded with olives, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts & onions, topped with feta cheese. Served on a thick crust brushed with pesto sauce GF

The Tipsy Pig / 14
Shredded bacon and pepper rings overindulged with mozzarella cheese served on a thick crust brushed with olive oil & ranch dressing drizzled on top GF

The Summer Salad / 9
Bed of mixed greens with dried cranberries, feta cheese & candied walnuts served with raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing & warm bread GF

Greek Salad / 9
Fresh greens topped with artichoke hearts, red peppers,  Kalamata & black olives & feta cheese. Topped with Greek dressing GF

-Add the following to either salad
Chicken breast/ 3.50, Shrimp skewer/ 4.50, 6oz. filet of sirloin/ 6.00; crab cake / 6.00

Salmon Salad / 12
A 4 oz. grilled salmon on a bed of mixed greens with rice noodles, mandarin oranges, onion, and a sesame garlic dressing.

All dinners are served with a mixed greens salad with our house balsamic vinaigrette dressing, roasted red skin garlic mashed potatoes, Caribbean mixed vegetables,and dinner roll

10 oz. Black Angus NY Strip Steak / 19.95 GF
9 oz. Black Angus Sirloin Steak- / 19.95 GF
Aged Ribeye / 23.95 GF
42 day dry aged 14 oz bone in ribeye steak. The marbling & aging give it amazing flavor. From New Creations Farm, Chardon, OH

Surf & Turf / 30.95
Enjoy one 7 oz. Lobster tail and our 9 oz. Sirloin Steak GF

Bourbon & Blue / 20.95
6 oz. filet mignon topped with blue cheese & served with a shrimp skewer. Coated in our bourbon sauce

Large Twin Lobster Tails / 33.95
Twin 7 oz.  Maine Lobster Tails GF

Marinated Chicken Dinner / 16.95
This fall-off-the-bone half of chicken is a house favorite GF

BBQ Ribs / 17.95
This half slab of tender ribs is served up with our very own special Tipsy Grill BBQ sauce

Garlic Shrimp /15.95
2 Skewers of grilled, garlic rubbed jumbo shrimp GF

Crab Cakes / 19.95
Enjoy two crab cakes full of real blue lump crab served with remoulade sauce

Chardonnay Steamed Salmon / 17.95
A think 8oz filet of salmon steamed in Chardonnay & a twist of lemon GF

Bourbon Salmon / 17.95
This thick 8 ounce filet of salmon is covered in a rich bourbon sauce

Pesto Pasta / 13.95
Penne pasta tossed in a pesto sauce, served with Caribbean mixed vegetables, Add chicken for 2.50

Chicken Breast/ 3.50
Shrimp skewer / 4.50
Crab Cake / 6.00
7 oz Lobster Tail / 14

Spaghetti & Meatball Special- $7.95
THURSDAY & SUNDAY ONLY! Dine in only-cannot be used with any coupon or promotion. Enjoy our homemade sauce covering a large portion of spaghetti and 3 hearty meatballs. Served with dinner salad and a roll.

Chocolate Lava Cake / 5
Enjoy this warm, rich, chocolate cake with a chocolate lava center surrounded by whipped cream.

Flourless Chocolate Cake / 5
A rich chocolate cake-so good and moist! Gluten-free! GF

Mixed Berry Swirl Cheesecake / 5
New York Cheesecake swirled with springtime berry puree and topped with a lemon streusel and a dusting of sugar.

Limoncello Cake / 5.25
A rich combination of Sicilian lemon infused sponge cake and Italian mascarpone topped with European white chocolate curls.

Peanutbutter Pie / 5.50
Layered chocolate, peanut butter and whipped cream topped with a chocolate and caramel drizzle and a peanut butter cup. Divine!

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine / 6 per glass (2oz dessert serving)

Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you have not eaten here before then we must inform you: all dinners are served on the finest plastic known to man. Because we do not have the necessary means (according to Health Department Regulations) to wash dishes, so all food is prepared in and served on disposable products. This fine plastic will not effect the flavors of you meal!

No outside alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the property. If alcohol is found, it will be immediately confiscated and you and your party will be asked to leave. (This includes party favors)